Sex. Religion. Politics.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Not going there. I have my beliefs, but until I understand your context, I don't share them. This is my way of keeping things more peaceful. Try it on for size. I also do everything in my power not to complain, criticize, or gossip. Here's what I believe.

Discourse with no depth, gets us nowhere. Let's reject blanket judgmental statements like "that guy's an idiot" and "the guy before him ruined the country," or "that woman is a criminal." Instead let's find common ground. If you're open-minded in principle, then explore how disparate ideas may be reconciled, starting with our politics.

Here's an exercise. Posit the political stance of: a laissez-faire socialist. A libertarian communitarian. A compassionate technocrat. A tolerant theocrat. And, for you history buffs, a democratic republican. Thinking this way seems superior to the second strategy of imagining your political adversary in the nude.